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The International Discworld Convention - 8-11 August 2014

Gala Dinner

Online booking is CLOSED

Postal applications can be sent in using the form in the Easter Newsletter, so that they will arrive on or about the 21st April. You can also download the form to be sent by post here (PDF file opens in a new window).


The time has come. Put on those trench coats, don the hats and join up.

Ankh Morpork needs YOU!

His Grace, His Excellency, The Duke of Ankh; Commander Sir Samuel Vimes, Blackboard Monitor has searched, looked through, nay! scoured the land and having found the strongest, wisest, canniest, finest and best to be Watchmen / women / unsure / other species / Nobby,  has now seen fit to enlist the aid of the Secret Watchmen. To this end you, the Secret Watchmen / women / unsure / other species / Nobby, have been called upon to convene at The Palace Hotel on the Evening of Sunday, August 10th 2014, for 

Gala dinner invite - Nobby

For those who are new, and those who have simply forgotten, here is the low-down on the now traditional Gala Dinner held at the Convention. It is an opportunity for attendees to experience the glitz and glitter of an exclusive formal dinner. Dress code is formal / smart / Guild robes / costume, so remember to brush off that Tux / wizard’s hat / corset (delete as applicable).

This is the only ticketed event at the whole Convention, as the dining space is limited (it’s unfortunately not L-space!). Those wishing to take up this wonderful opportunity may do so via the website and book online when booking opens, or send in the appropriate form by post.

Places are allocated on a first come: first served basis. In previous years this event has sold out within days, so if you want to go it is vital that you return your form immediately or be ready to book when the online system opens on April 21st 2014. Postal forms are made available to those who don't want to book online, and we have used highly arcane calculations to ensure that htose bookings made by post (including those in forn parts) will arrive at the same time as those made online. However, we take no responsibility for delays caused by any Roundworld postal service less efficient than the Ankh Morpork Royal Mail. We are not accepting reservations in anticipation of the post arriving, only bookings for which we have received the form or online submission. 

New to this Gala Dinner, at the request of some of the Guests, there will be no traditional ‘top table’ and the Guests will be seated at the dining tables with attendees. Obviously, there are fewer Guests than tables and though we have tried to cut Bernard in half, Isobel stopped us…. So, should you wish to sit with a Guest, please indicate this on your Gala Dinner form and we will try to accommodate you. Please note there are NO GUARANTEES.

For those who wish to step aside and let others enjoy the heights of edification of the After Dinner speeches, the ‘Night Circus’, which will be running throughout the evening both during and after the Gala dinner*, will afford the opportunity for participation, jollity and hilarity at your’s and others’ expense. We have a myriad of entertainments in store for you to watch and try out for yourselves – from juggling to balancing, animal acts and contortions. In addition, we are fortunate to have the services of Spandex Ballet for musical & comedic entertainment for the evening.

For full details about the menu selection, possible seating choices and booking instructions, please see the Gala Dinner invitation that came with the Easter newsletter. As always, if there are any queries, contact info@dwcon.org.

You can see the Gala Dinner Menu here, and for the Gala Dinner FAQ please go here. To book, please fill in the online form.


*Those attending the Gala dinner will be able to enjoy the merits, nay delights, of the Night Circus and Mitch Benn after the dinner and speeches have finished (so you won’t miss out!)


The Small-Ish Print: Terms and Conditions

  • Ticket price is £45, payment can be made by cheque, postal order or credit/debit card.
  • The ‘Plain Clothes’ Dress Code is Formal, Smart or Costume or all three.
  • Ticket price includes pre-dinner aperatif and coffee/tea to follow the meal, but no additional alcoholic or non alcoholic drinks. Wine will be available to pre-order on the day and will be placed on your table.
  • All reasonable efforts will be made to cater to any special dietary requirements. Please ensure that you indicate any such dietary requirements when filling out the application form.
  • The dinner is not open to anyone under the age of 12. A responsible adult (if you can find one) must accompany people under the age of 18 to the meal.
  • Please indicate people whom you would like to be seated with, in the space provided on the ticket application. Please note that they must also nominate you. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request but no guarantees can be made.
  • Please indicate on the form if you would like to be seated at a table with a Guest. Every effort will be made to accommodate your request but no guarantees can be made.
  • In an attempt to avoid being seated with your nemesis, please indicate any potential conflicts in the space provided.