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The International Discworld Convention - 8-11 August 2014

Convention Merchandise


Revealing the all-new 2014 Convention merchandise!

Pre-order your merchandise now, for collection at the event.

The Convention t-shirt

The 2014 Convention T-shirt is 100% cotton, with a design on the front and text on the back. Yours for only £12.00!

Convention t-shirt front image  Convention t-shirt back text


Close up of the embroidered logo on the Convention Polo


The Convention polo shirt

The 2014 Convention polo shirt has our extremely elegant logo embroidered on the right chest.
This shirt is 65% polyester and 35% cotton, and is priced at a very reasonable £15.00


Sizing for 2014 shirts only

Chest (to fit)  35/36   36/38   38/40  41/42  43/44   45/47   47/49 



Memories of Conventions past

Whilst digging about in the Storage with the aid of some 'helpful' wizards we found some stock from past Conventions that need new homes! Orders will be dispatched once per week from now so get your order in and receive your shirt very soon! (Unless you are not in the UK when it might be cheaper for us to bring it to the Convention.) They are only available in limited numbers and sizes. Actual sizing details are unknown for these items. They can be yours for a paltry £5.00 each, and that's cutting our own throats.

2010 Convention t-shirt (left)

This shirt is 100% cotton, with a colour image on the back and the Convention logo on the front. 

2012 Convention t-shirt (centre)

This shirt is 100% cotton, with a colour image on the back and the Convention logo on the front.

2012 Convention polo (right)

This shirt has the 2012 logo embroidered on the right chest. It is 65% polyester and 35% cotton.

2010 DWCon t-shirt design  2012 DWCon t-shirt design  Close up of embroidered logo on the 2012 DWCon polo shirt


Limited Edition items from the Ankh Morpork Grand Exhibition


For the discerning shopper who prefer to partake of rarer and more exclusive wares, we have been in keen negotiation with the vendors of Ankh- Morpork and have the items below available in STRICTLY limited numbers.

Square Whisky Tumblers

Illustration of the Convention Whiskey Tumbler

This is the one time you want to be a square! Relax, re-live memories of the Discworld Convention, or try and obliterate them, while sipping your favourite beverage from an 8oz square whisky tumbler. The tumbler is lovingly engraved with the main Convention logo, so you may admire its majesty, while recalling every moment of the event.

For the collectors, it should be noted that this is provided in its very own presentation box.

£10 per item. Only 100 available













Walking umbrella

Illustration of the Convention Umbrella

Dual purpose, eight-panel large umbrella with a wooden crook handle. This is deal for fending off rain while in Manchester, or if you travel to foreign parts where sun is more likely to appear, could also be used as a parasol.*

It features four panels, decorated with our alternative convention logo, truly be the man/woman/vampire/troll about town, sporting this highly sought after item.

£15 per item. Only 100 available

* sunshine not guaranteed














Illustration of the Convention Coaster Set

Crafted lovingly by a member of the ConCom, as if they don't find enough to do, these sets of coasters are truly unique. Four coaster in a set, two of each design. The exact colour of the wood may vary depending on what's available

Sapient pearwood currently out of stock

£6 per set, Only 100 available






Tea Towels

illustration of the Convention Tea Towel

​No doubt these would have been very useful when Magrat was on tea duty, White cotton tea towels with the alternative Convention logo on them. They even have a little hook for hanging them up! Perfect for Witch and non Witch establishments alike.

£4 per item, 200 available