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The International Discworld Convention - 8-11 August 2014

Angst-Lesspork Model Railway

Angst-Lesspork is a small model railway that draws its inspiration from and is a tribute to the greatest city on the Circle Sea, Ankh-Morpork.

The scene is urban with a tidal river to the front. Buildings are predominately timber-framed. Although superficially a Victorian / Edwardian townscape, many characters and architectural features give clues to the layout's true identity.

Photograph © Mick Thornton

You may be able to find the Alchemists' Guildhall (complete with stuffed alligator), one of the many Watch houses and of course Mad Lord Snapcase's Cruet set. Looming over the rear is the back of the Theatre. The Post Office has recently installed a (working) Clacks tower. There are also a number of privies to be found.

Appearing on the layout are the Librarian, the Luggage, a wizard, witch, troll, some dwarfs, members of the Watch, a swamp dragon...

Angst-Lesspork appears with the kind permission of Sir Terry Pratchett - and pre-dates "Raising Steam" by a couple of years...

Photograph © Mick Thornton