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The International Discworld Convention - 8-11 August 2014



Limited numbers of last-minute memberships are available.

Contact membership@dwcon.org for details.


What does membership mean

Convention membership is your ticket to the event.

Full membership includes attendance at all four days of the Convention plus subscription to all electronic or paper updates. Entry to all programme items is included (with the exception of the Gala Dinner which is a special extra-cost event), plus access to the Dealers' room and the opportunity to take advantage of our specially-negotiated rates for food, drink and accommodation.

Concessionary rates are available for students, pensioners, and benefit qualified individuals. Proof will be required at the event, and concessionary status must apply during the event.

Children aged 13 to 17 years (inclusive) are charged at the concessionary rate. There is no charge for children aged 12 and under, but we must receive an application for them. Any minor MUST be accompanied by an adult member (full or concessionary) who accepts full legal responsibility for the minor for the duration of their stay at the Convention.

Supporting membership includes subscription to all electronic or paper updates prior to the event, but not attendance at the event. Supporting membership may be converted to full membership at any time, at the applicable rate (full or concessionary) on the initial date of purchase. Think of it as a means of reserving a place if you are not sure if you will be able to attend.


How much does it cost?

Early Bird price, valid to 30th June 2013

Full Price £54 Concession £39

1st July - 31st Dec 2013

Full Price £59 Concession £43

From 1st January 2014

Full Price £65 Concession £50

All dates

Supporting Membership £25
Children under 13 at time of Convention Free of Charge (membership required)



I've never been before. What will happen?

Read our specially-prepared Discworld Convention 101 for more information

There's also our collection of links about Previous Discworld Conventions

And the lovely piece written by Brian about his first convention: "You're Going WHERE????"

You should also review the Convention Policies, as you must agree to them if you wish to attend

(links open in a new window / tab)



I want a table in the Dealers' Room

Unfortunately the Dealers' room is also full.



Some useful links